Kanal D – official TV launch + party

Since I was at the Parliament this evening (for the ARTmania exhibition), I dropped by the party organized by Dogan. Backstage I could see Leonard Doroftei (Boxing World Champion) and probably he was the one of the few genuine stars (there were also Gheorghe Hagi and Elisabeta Lipa, both international figures).

I won’t talk about the local stars (since you don’t know them, you won’t miss them :)) but I’ll try to post some interesting facts regarding the industry:
1) Uscat & Trofin from TVR are probably negotiating with Dogan (I saw them with the Turkish boss) and I wonder when their actual contract expires;
2) Since I sat at the table with Turkish staff I could see that they appreciate the belly dancing representations 🙂 – they had “Fire of Anatolya” on the stage;
3) Serban Ciusca from ARBOmedia was there and also talking with some key persons – I wonder if the company had talks with Dogan in order to sell the tv advertising.
4) I know that you’ll hate me and this has nothing to do with the blog but the famous author Mircea Cartarescu doesn’t wash hands (if you know what I mean ;)).

I’ve also met “Zare” (some of you know him) and I was surprised when he told me he’s reading my blog. He had an incident with the president Basescu 🙂 a few months ago and since then he told me that he is more and more into online activities.

Finally, the only thing I can say is that I’m happy for Nana since she’ll host her own tv show (I was surprised both to meet her this evening and to find out about this).