Jurnalul.ro, new technology, innovative promotion

Jurnalul National (premium title, part of INTACT Media Group) is also doing heavy updates on the website. The new version of Jurnalul.ro is based on RUN technology (same as gsp.ro) and it’s aiming quite high.

The new offline campaign called Biblioteca pentru toti (A library for everybody) started to drive lots of interest from the public and the integrated campaign started a few weeks ago is very interesting.

For the first time in Romania, we implemented a special project and a very innovative online promotion of a product: we deliver audio spots for all the online streaming listeners of RomanticFM. The technology allows us to deliver the audio spot either at the beginning of the stream or to programm it on certain hours depending on the traffic and online audience. I hope that we’ll have a very interesting study case when the campaign will be finished.

Both Jurnalul.ro and the audio delivery technology behind RomanticFm.ro/RadioZu.ro are products available for online advertisers. On daily basis, there are over 50.000 people listening to online streams while surfing the Internet.

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  1. excelenta idee! Cine a cerut asta (spoturi pe streamul online) a avut o idee buna de tot! 🙂

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