John Romero – Creativity Magazine’s Top 50 Creative People

The first annual Creativity 50 represents a multi-disciplinary account of the biggest and best thinkers and doers from 20 years of advertising and consumer culture. Many are creative directors and agency groundbreakers; some are directors that shaped the way messages look and feel; some are design gurus; a few are marketers who helped change the course of creativity. Some (like the Google duo) simply changed our lives completely.

John Carmack and John Romero Co-creators, Doom

The uttering of the word “Doom” usually spells an unpleasant end. But for Doom creators Carmack and Romero, it represents the beginning—not only of their careers as video game royalty, but for a revolutionary new era of gaming madness. The pair of programmer prodigies helped found the now-legendary game development company iD Software in 1991, from which sprung a wave of titles—including Wolfenstein 3D, Quake and of course, Doom—that defined the first-person shooter genre and inspired the imaginations of an entire generation of rabid gamers. Leveraging their programming skills to invent groundbreaking techniques in computer graphics and engine-building, Carmack and Romero forever changed the way video games are made and played, paving the way for later hits like Half-Life and Medal of Honor and ultimately serving notice to the rest of the world that the evolution of interactive entertainment had truly kicked into high gear.

John Romero is probably the most famous game developer in the .ro reign – see – and now he is going to be more productive as his wife Raluca is also into video games.

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