Jay Leno and the Videos he found on YouTube

For me, Jay Leno is the most popular TV star (I don’t watch Oprah) and probably the success of his show is due to the fact that he always presents “what’s hot” and his team is always connected to the latest social trends.

But the presence of YouTube in Jay Leno’s show is not a coincidence (note Leno’s small advertising campaign when presenting the web service). Sam Gustin wrote in New York Post an interesting article: YouTube is available for sale – the price: 1.5 billion U.S. Dollars.

We’ll have to see who takes the bait.

PS: These types of PR campaigns are also started in Romania when some company has a website for sale in order to obtain a better price (the rebranding doesn’t always work). A remember a news I heard about hotnews.ro and about Sorin Ovidiu Vantu wanting the buy it. The price was over 1 million dollars and of course Vantu reconsidered…

2 Replies to “Jay Leno and the Videos he found on YouTube”

  1. i have to admit .. i also love that movie with the kid getting his wanted toy..
    the other one with the umbrella is amasing(i didn’t knew it) …the evil easter bunny kiking ass :))
    And about youtube available for sale.. you pointed right “We’ll have to see who takes the bait.”

  2. … And we have GOOGLE officially interested in YouTube. As I anticipated a few weeks ago, they took the bait 🙂

    Why bait? Because Microsoft is also on the wave and this is not a rumour 😉

    In the end, there will be a winner: YouTube!

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