Internet Advertising Market in Romania – Fragmentation in 2009

Our Sales Director, Gabriel Boaca (INTACT interactive), was key punching the excel yesterday and came up with the graphic below showing the top 10 online advertising players in Romania in January 2009.

The last three months of 2008 and the economic crisis had a strong impact on the local market and made us work harder in order to build one of the strongest portfolios there is on the market. INTACT interactive aims to become the no.1 online sales agency in Romania and before we launch we’re happy to count over 80 websites in our official rate-card (the full list of websites will be announced in the following days).

It’s not very hard to notice that the Romanian online market fragmentation will achieve a new dimension in 2009 and the competition will probably reach the next level as the economic crisis will tighten the fight for the best results and maximum ROI.

I’m more than sure that it’s going to be a hard year (at least the next six months) for the young Romanian Internet industry buy I’m confident that our enterprise will hit high scores on all levels. We have to and we will.

Congratulations to Magdalena Zander, Gabriel Boaca, Maria Cocris, Irina Bidileac and Sorin Cristea for stepping in 2009 together with INTACT interactive, for setting up a strong online portfolio and special thanks for being the best interactive team in Eastern Europe.

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