Interactive Internship – Learn and earn your first 1.000.000 EUR

Intact Interactive is preparing its first Internship program for young online sales enthusiasts – this information is not official yet, so please pay attention.

We are committed to return something to our community and to be involved in growing the next generation of online specialists. This is why we prepare to launch a special Internship program were participants will learn about online advertising and will have the chance to go out there and make 1.000.000 EUR (real money)!!! 🙂

INTACT Interactive Internship opportunities:

  1. Meet and work with top Romanian online professionals part of INTACT Media Group;
  2. Experience the power of online brands like,,,,;
  3. Learn about online and mobile advertising;
  4. Develop both personal and interactive skills;
  5. Experience direct sales out on the field and enter a fun competition;
  6. Make the first 1.000.000 EUR from online advertising and earn your “Top Young Salesman Commission”;
  7. Get a job in INTACT Media Group or in the advertising industry and start the career of your dreams!

Who can apply for the Internship:

  1. Only young people – 16-29 (both girls and boys);
  2. Intelligent, persuasive, positive, hyper connected;
  3. People that have the “winning” attitude and mentality;
  4. People that read in their horoscope that this year they’ll earn at least 1.000.000 EUR 🙂

The program will start in just a few days and you’ll find more about it on the official website. Until then, I hope this exclusive information will be useful and you can prepare in order to have a head start.