INTACT Interactive

Today we begin a new challenge and we have the best people for the job at INTACT Interactive, the new online sales agency part of INTACT Media Group.

Magdalena Zander will be the new Executive Manager of Intact Interactive, Gabriel Boaca will be the new Sales Director and Maria Cocris is the third senior we’re bringing in.

They’ll be the core of a 15 people sales force that will start its operations beginning with the 1st of January 2009. INTACT Interactive will focus on display-ads, contextual advertising, online video advertising and mobile marketing.


INTACT is the first Romanian media group based entirely on a private local business. It emerged at the beginning of the ‘90’s as one of the most successful and powerful media ventures and it has launched numerous landmarks in the audio visual industry since then.

INTACT MEDIA GROUP reports a 2007 turnover of 130 millions Euros, which translates into a 26% raise from 2006, when the annual turnover counted for 88, 4 millions Euros.

INTACT’s ascension proves that a group with 100% Romanian capital can be as profitable as one supported by powerful international media companies. INTACT will continue its investments into new media businesses, at an even faster pace than before.