I support Gramo

I support Gramo

Gramo (Gheorghe Stefanov) is a university philosophy professor and was spotted posting a few pics representing personal photo-memoirs – in the nude artistic pictures he appears together with his wife.

As a philosophy teacher, he posted the pictures on the Internet in order to start a public debate about Eastern-European hypocrisy and fake Victorian morals.

As we speak Gramo’s family is seriously harassed by the ex-communist scandal tabloids in Bucharest and their life is turning upside down as the main TV stations broadcasted without persmission personal photos of the couple. The scandal reached the University of Bucharest where Gramo is being investigated (the staff is still dominated by the old ex-communist professors).

Today, Gramo will be attending the university senate hearings and he risks being fired because of his personal blog. I decided to post this message and say “I support Gramo” and I also invite all my readers and friends to write about this and be there for the two Gramos!

For the english users – the story is available here.

NOTE: you can post the logo above on your page. Manafu already did it as Gramo is member of the Netoo Group.

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