Home wireless – upgrading the MSI RG54SE router firmware

I love working wireless so that’s why I’m trying to set up hotspots everywhere. At home I have a MSI RG54SE router but the thing started to create problems as the connection used to drop randomly.

A friend suggested me another router while the guys in the service assured me that this problem is common with the MSI routers and that they don’t have a solution if i bring it in.

So, I’ve looked up on the Internet and the problem seemd to be generated by the old firmware software (1.2.8) version and this is how I’ve decided to upgrade to 1.4.1.

Here is what you have to do – on the archives below you have the CC & C WA-2204A Update/Recovery tool v1.4.3 (instructions by mattei).
The CC & C WA-2204A firmware v1.4.1 is included with this package.

VERY IMPORTANT before you start upgrading:
– make sure you still have an active Internet connection (in case you need more info)
– make sure you’ve downloaded both the archives below (A.zip and B.zip)
– make sure the warranty is not violated if you do this (something might go wrong)
– if you do it, it’s your own risk/responsibility – there is no possibility to backup the actual firmware and no way you can reinstall the old one.

Please note: These instructions have not been tested with target router firmware below v1.4.1 or use with flashing firmware below v1.4.1. Test device used was a GigaFast WF719-CAPR – Since I’m writing this post from my living room, means that I’ve also tested it on my MSI RG54SE and it works:

Unzip the “A.zip” archive:
1. Connect your computer via network cable to one of the routers LAN ports.
2. Set your computer IP address within the range of to, netmask, gateway
3. Disconnect power from the router.
4. Depress and hold the reset button, located on the back of the router.
5. Reconnect power to the router.
6. Maintain the depressed status of the reset button for a minumum of ten seconds.
7. Release the reset button, wait thirty seconds, then proceed.
8. Extract a firmware archive to a folder. The utility searches for:
– linux.bin
– webpages.bin
in the current or configured directory (clicking “Start” without a path shown in the textbox will display a folder selction dialog).
7. Double-click UpdateTool.exe
8. Click start.
9. Select the folder containg the firmware you wish to flash.

Connect Fail!!! – the utility cannot contact the device at / (try reset the device)
Update Fail!!! – the utility connected to the device but could not update the firmware.
Update Success!!! – The selected firmware has been flashed.

10. Upon a successful device flash, the router firmware should be updated/flashed with the desired firmware using the web-based administration pages.

Unzip the “B.zip” archive and:
1. Open the router Administration web page at
2. In the router administration menu, go to “Management” -> “Save/Reload Settings”.
3. Click the “Browse” button.
4. Select the desired firmware config<can be a few things here>.bin configuration file.
5. Click the “Upload” button, wait for the “Update successful” message. Click “Ok”.
6. Go to “Management” -> “Update Firmware”.
7. Click the “Browse” button.
8. Select the desired firmware linux<can be a few things here>.bin file.
9. Click the “Upload” button, wait for the “Update successful” message.
10. Wait thirty seconds. Click “Ok”.
11. Click the “browse” button.
12. Select the desired firmware webpages<can be a few things here>.bin web page collection file.
13. Click the “Upload” button, wait for the “Update successful” message.
14. Wait thirty seconds. Click “Ok”.


56 Replies to “Home wireless – upgrading the MSI RG54SE router firmware”

  1. Nici eu nu am mai reusit nimic. Cred ca peste 75% din cei care au incercat si-au stricat router-ele. Am urmat in tocmai pasii lui Vlad, dar nimic. Nu am putut sa uploadez vreun fisier cu pumpkin.

  2. am reusit si eu. Vlad ai o bere.

    Secretul era sa ti apasat butonul de reset pana termina de uploadat, si sa fi iute de mana in asa fel incat sai ii dai ok la pumpkin imediat dupa ce conectezi mufa de alimetare.

    Cel putin asa e la mine.

  3. Dupa cum mai spunea cineva si eu am vrut sa arunc routerul ca nu ma mai puteam lega la el.
    Acum am reusit chiar sa ma leg cu el la un wireless si sa dau net pe UTP.
    Chiar ma pot folosi acum de el.

    Multumesc mult.
    Am folosit metoda A, am tinut 15 secunde reset dupa care am pornit dupa 30 de secunde UpdateTool.exe.

  4. Eu am momentat un router MSI RG54SE care mi l-a dat un prieten sa il fac pentru ca uitase parola si la reteaua wireless si parola de admin. Si urmand pasii postati de Vlad am reusit sa updatez firmware-ul si sa scap de parole.

  5. nu stiti cumva daca acest update functioneaza si pe MSI rg54se II.
    care este diferenta intre rg54se si rg54se II ????? CE REPREZINTA ACEL ,,II,, DE LA URMA????

  6. salutaree all
    am reusit cu varianta A intr-un final… in cazul variantei B mi-a dat update succesful ! dar nu am mai putut urca fisierele pt web.. si tot cauta .asp…. si am crezut ca e mort… dar am zis sa mai incerc cu varianta A a fost automat procesul .. si a iesit ok firmaware schimbat ! merci VLAD ai o bere si de la mine 😀

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