History: communist psychological warfare methods and results

Here is a piece of history on YouTube. Former KGB agent and Soviet defector Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov (caused immense damage to the KGB by revealing the Russian “sleepers” and left-wing sympathizers had been “planted” in journalistic and editorial positions throughout the American media) explains Communist psychological warfare methods and results. The shootage is from 1984.

The psychological warfare methods are the same in 2007 although the players and enemies have changed.

As Bezmenov mentioned in the movie above, the young generations are always the main target of the psychological warfare. Romania is also targeted because like every NATO/EU country, has its enemies.

The Internet is a very good environment for targeting students and young people so you might like to search the Romanian blogosphere in order to find evidence of an ongoing invisible war: SF DIXIT, Avionaru, Zoso, Ionut Ciurea, Vivi, Radu

Subversion: Action designed to undermine the military, economic, psychological or political strength of a regime. (JCS Pub 1-02)


Since youtube censored the movie above, check out:

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  1. yey, either i am a secret agent or a stupid young guy targeted by “enemies” with propaganda. so far it looks like a bad “Sleeper Cell”/”24” episode.

    leaving the jokes aside, i would kindly ask you to explain how me and my post are related to the rest of your article. in a comment here or by email.


  2. Your conclusions are fun to read. I’m sure you’re not a secret agent nor a “stupid guy”!

    It’s a good thing you’re looking for answers and the first step is to open our eyes to the new wave of global threats. I must comment that everyone of us is targeted by propaganda and advertising and I’m quite sure this is not a bad “Sleeper Cell” episode 🙂

    Psychological Warfare is also known as infowars and as bloggers we receive your daily portion of bad news or just bulk info streams – your post was appealing to me because it was regarding Romania and because had interesting keywords.

    I’m sure I’m pretty boring so I’ll probably stop here 😉

  3. bogdan, you’re either too deep, or to subtle. or both.

    Or maybe you just have too much time. Or maybe you’re trying to be fun.

    I’m not laughing, though.

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