Happy birthday Google!

Happy birthday Google

In a time where people don’t like big corporations, big profits, dropping stocks, acquisitions, etc, I seem to realize that Google really is a lovemark for me.

I discovered Google in its early years and the simplicity made use it. Google shaped the way I think, made me focus and look for keywords both online and on my everyday life. Google was the first to teach me about networking with people and made me aware of the biblical power of the word. Google made me pragmatic and also structured my perception of the informational world we live in.

Google it’s not only a search engine.
It’s my no.1 business partner, an incredible tool for research, a philosopher and magic genie, it’s maybe the greatest man built machine on the planet and a way of life.

I know that because of Google, the human race grows to be smarter, safer and more aware of its thoughts.

Happy birthday Google and thank you for the last 9 years!
It was an awesome ride!