The new GSP TV website ( is up and running. Congratulations to Sorin and to his team. This website will be the next big thing in Romania as the new sports TV channel is ready to launch this week airing the national football league. Gusti also has a full post about this new project and you can read it here.

Now, I feel the need for a bet for Gusti and Sorin: how many days will need GspTV to get no.1 in this section? 

The winner should get a bottle of beer wine for every day passed 🙂


  • Bogdan: 99 days (meaning 99 bottles)
  • Sorin: 123 days (meaning 123 bottles)
  • Gusti: – waiting…

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  1. 123 days…

    My first impulse was to say 321 days but I can’t wait so much 😛

    PS But you should add your bet too

  2. bai “mix”. vad ca nu stii nici limba romana. cel putin nu stii sa scrii. vezi ca pui cam multi “i” pe unde nu trebuie

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