, no longer represented by Boom (Netbridge Investments)

After losing, and parts of InformMedia two weeks ago, Boom (Netbridge Investments) breaks the contract with their most important website,

The rumor started in Hotnews was confirmed today by Augustin Roman, New Media Manager at Gazeta Online. This news is extremely important for the Romanian online advertising market because this account is evaluated at 10% of the overall market and is probably one of the most powerful brands in .ro.

According to SATI, the website had over 7.700.000 visits and 23.000.000 pageviews in december 2008.

Boom (Netbridge Investments) is part of NCH ADVISORS INC. WILMINGTON ($680M U.S. based investment fund started in 1997 with a broad-mandate portfolio; primarily listed equity with small allocations of fixed income, private equity and real estate). The company is run by Valentin Oeru (Managing Director) and Cristian Petriceanu (General Manager).

Gazeta Online is one of the most profitable companies part of INTACT Media Group and run by Augustin Roman (General Manager) and Sorin Danilescu (Development Manager).

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