Grand Theft Auto IV

I’m a great fan of the GTA series event from the beginning when all my colleagues couldn’t understand the 2D weird game type 🙂

GTA IV looks awesome and It’s like the iPhone of the gaming industry 🙂 Since the buzz also affected Romania, here are some links and comments on the game:

Internet searches & traffic: Hitwise Intelligence – Grand Theft Auto 4 Set to Beat Halo 3

Local behavior (Romania): beginning with 21st of April searches for “grand theft auto” tripled and after 21st we had a 700% traffic raise on this topic (searches included “grand theft auto 4”, “download grand theft auto iv”, “grand theft auto iv” or “grand theft auto iv special edition”).

The secret combination in Romania was not “grand theft auto” but “gta iv” (top searches: “gta iv” 80%,
followed by “gta iv pc”, “gta iv for pc” and also “cand apare gta iv”.

Friday was the most interesting day for local visitors (1200% increase in “gta iv” searches and 2200% for “gta”).

Building leads in Romania: Grand Theft Auto IV in Google results – Jucausii, Realitatea,, HotNews, PCForum, The Money Channel, Ziarul Financiar (Realitatea Catavencu has 3 titles in top 10). Antena3 has the first result in the third page (Grand Theft Auto launch news).

Advertising: no contextual/banner campaigns on the subject in .ro

Sales: GTA IV sales top $500 million in first week:

Rockstar parent Take-Two has splurged the news that it estimates GTA IV has topped a massive $500 million in sales in its first week of release.

It’s additionally confirmed that GTA IV’s sold around six million units to date, approximately 3.6 million of which went on opening day.

It means GTA IV has broken all entertainment records for day one and week one sales by dollar value, according to the publisher. Should you want some kind of comparison, Halo 3 did $300 million in its first week.

Rumors and other campaigns: PS3 GTA IV suffering freezing errors – hope to see the PC version quite soon

Official stuff: Grand Theft Auto IV – Rockstar games – I can’t figure out how the site works if it’s just a teaser 🙁

Wikipedia: Grand Theft Auto IV wiki (over 120 references)

Amazon: Grand Theft Auto IV customer reviews – uncensored 🙂 with plenty of likes and dislikes

My small disappointment: it seems there are no planes available to fly in GTA IV 🙁

Looks great: the multiplayer action

Industry fun: what did Rockstar sent to bloggers and game reviewers 🙂

Opportuinites: domain is still available

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  1. Abia astept sa apara pe PC, sunt si eu un fan al seriei (incepand cu GTA2 care mi s-a parut exceptional – remember conveorbirile alea la telefon? :))) ). Pana apare pe PC poate imi iau PS3… :)))

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