Google spam – increasing market share and hoping for bigger revenue share

In the last 2 weeks there were several scandals regarding Romanian SATI figures (online monitoring and auditing) and the numbers gathered using Google spam.

Several big Romanian online publishers started to use artificial solutions in order to rise their traffic and their market share. Their plan was to report a bigger market share in order to increase their revenue share in 2009 and to negotiate bigger budgets with media agencies.

For the first time, Google spam became a serious problem in Romania as visitors are hijacked and advertising money are spent on sour apples.

One thing Romanian online publishers don’t know is that planners and agencies are not blind, nor deaf and their strategy will only make them lose money.

After all, it’s just fraud and this is the typical “lose – lose” situation.

Of course, not everything is “black” in Romania, there are also success stories and websites doing things the right way – PROTV, MediaPro Interactiv, Gazeta Online, Ringier or Antena3 are strong publishers competing fair play.