Google publishes the monthly Zeitgeist for Romania

I’m glad to see that Google added Romania in the monthly Zeitgeist list. Below are the top 15 keywords from September 2007:

1. colin farrell
This is quite a surprise for me and I can’t explain it right now. I expect Elodia to be no.1 in October.

2. casa poporului
(building in Bucharest)
When talking about country branding, Romania has Dracula and Casa Poporului – after all, this is the second biggest building in the world.

3. protectia consumatorului
(customer protection)
This Dacia commercial had a great insight ๐Ÿ™‚

4. christopher uckermann
This made me think that Google has some problems with the ip database… maybe some addresses seem to be allocated to Romania but since Google is never wrong, I found out what’s behind this mistery. Uckermann is a Mexican singer-songwriter and actor, best known as a member of the pop band RBD, a very popular band among Romanian teens.

5. achizitii publice
(public acquisitions)
I have an explanation for this ๐Ÿ™‚
Many governmental workers have access to the Internet but don’t know how to use it. Often, they type words in the browser’s address bar – because of this, the governmental it technicians configured the web browser to perform automatic Google searches.
But something has to be wrong with this keyword because is not a very popular one – the website ranking no.1 on Google search when typing “achizitii publice” has a very small traffic. Maybe it was some scandal in the press in september because I have trouble explaining this keyword.

6. lovestory
My guess is that more than 51% of the Internet users in Romania are women. This is not the reason I published my photo on the blog.

7. hallmark
(TV channel)
Again the wrong database theory… I really think that there are some ip classes registered as Romanian but used in Hungary…

8. artificii
Hmmm… Romanian know that in December the government will ban fireworks sales so they prepared their personal stock from september ๐Ÿ™‚

9. torrente romanesti
(file sharing technology)
This is no surprise.

10. sentimente
(Romanian social networking website)
Without a doubt this is the most powerful local dating website brand.

11. iubire ca in filme
(Romanian soap opera)
My explanation is above (at no. 6)

12. stalker
No idea. Maybe is the new Stalker game googled by the Counter Strike fans…

13. jennifer love hewitt
The most famous star in Romania after Colin Farrell ๐Ÿ™‚

14. cazare brasov
(Accommodation in Brasov)
No Idea why is it in the Zeitgeist but you should visit Brasov if you come to Romania. I would have expected Sibiu in this place…

15. contact
Google should remove this word from the Zeitgeist database since it’s very common and has no relevant value.

Zeitgeist Explained
zeitร‚ยทgeist | Pronunciation: ‘tsIt-“gIst, ‘zIt | Function: noun | Etymology: German, from Zeit (time) + Geist (spirit) | Date: 1884 | Meaning: the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.

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