Google AdSense secrets, tests and hot tips

Since we already work with Boom and ARBOmedia (CPM sales) and Neogen (Referrals, CPC) and we want to keep up with the market, we started to test Google AdSense on our websites. The decision was triggered by Google’s decision to improve the payment methods for Romania and also by the large number of local publishers choosing this service.

After the first week, we figured out the greatest secret for Google AdSense and It’s related to psychology and not Internet 🙂 .
Of course, keeping the secret to ourselves is another thing we’ll do since we’re unable to use it 100% and mainly this is because we use the best spaces on our websites for CPM campaigns served from other networks 🙂

Yes, you can earn money with AdSense and if you have a small website you can probably pay your hosting bill and that’s great. But if you’re running something bigger and have costs, more than sure you can’t survive with Google (yet – still talking about Romanian market) and you need to work with an online brokerage agency.

The most interesting fact is that over 300 websites from Top1000 Romanian already started to use Google AdSense and this means that there is a strong need to monetize everything. This means that, as we speak, Google has the greatest reach in Romania and although their codes are not placed in the best places, the local publishers really trust Google’s CPC business model.

A few years ago I would have expected Google to buy Neogen’s text ads network but it seems that Neogen didn’t achieve the critical mass by 2007. On the other hand, few people noticed the real reason of Neogen’s approach on direct CPM sales: I think this is mainly because they started to notice a decline in their CPC system and because they knew that they couldn’t compete with Google. The funny thing is that I often see Neogen’s Best Jobs ads on Google AdSense and this says something about their reach.

Of course after the hundreds of pages and stories read about AdSense “secrets”, here are 10 tips I can provide you for free:

1. If you don’t use Google AdSense yet, you should try it. 🙂

2. Never click your own ads, never trick the system with illegal techniques, don’t modify the AdSense code, don’t recommend people to click the ads, etc.

3. Try to use the standard Google colors (blue/green link) because people are used to this code. If you don’t want to do this, It’s a very good idea to have some knowledge of psychology/contrasts.

4. The best format is the large square, then the leaderboard (728×90) and then the large skyscraper (160×600). It’s a good idea to use all of them.

5. A very good idea is to place your ads in the first screen (800×600).

6. Try to keep your layout clean both for users and search engine bots. The best thing is that Google sends special bots in the pages running AdSense in order to best match the content with the ads.

7. Don’t use a border for the ads.

8. Don’t plan your budgets (incomes) based on AdSense revenues – the money can come and go depending on your users and their behavior.

9. If your users read from left to right, this can be a precious information 🙂

10. Use AdSense channels because you can categorize your content and track your performance.

You can also check out the Google AdSense official tips here and you should keep in mind that if you respect all the rules and recommendations, everything will go just fine.

My prediction is that by 2010 Google will have the the most powerful contextual network in Eastern Europe and this will influence publishers to develop more quality content. If they will respect the acquisition pattern they had in the U.S., they will probably also buy some traditional CPM brokers in other parts of the world and Romania has at least 2 interesting offers 🙂