Friday time bomb on

I’m stunned. A major bug (or a security update) in a few moments ago granted user access to all their private/hidden statistics.

In 15 minutes you could of checked out PROSPORT, PROTV, REALITATEA, HOTNEWS, KISS FM, EVZ, LIBERTATEA, GANDUL, etc. Keywords, top pages, top exit pages, top landing pages, and so on…

Of course, the scandal will start in a few hours and probably some companies already want out of

4 Replies to “Friday time bomb on”

  1. Ionut, daca nu ati fi voi acolo, s-ar duce proiectul de rapa. Mi-a crescut tensiunea un pic cand mi-am vazut statisticile la liber insa e bine ca le-ati reparat in timp util.
    Mult succes!

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