Famous Russian Typhoon class submarines on Google Earth

Everybody can see now the famous Russian Typhoon class submarines on Google Earth (their nuclear warheads were once aimed at the United States) – this movie is maybe another example of how the Internet changed the way we think (the picture shown on Google Earth was considered “classified” by the Russian army a few years ago).

The North Atlantic was the Typhoon playground during the Cold War (as you can see, still is). This ship is the world’s largest submarine and was also one of the most feared weapons of the Cold War – each submarine is capable of carrying twenty long-range ballistic missiles with up to 200 nuclear warheads.

The movie below also shows Nimitz, Ohio and Iowa class battle ships.

According to the Federation of American Scientists, in January 2000 it was reported that three of six Russian Typhoon-class submarines would remain in active operation to test the new Bark-class strategic missiles, contrary to both the plans of the Co-operative Threat Reduction program and reports that Bark-class missiles had been cancelled due to design failures. The Russian Navy reportedly believes that 12 strategic nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles represent the minimum necessary force structure. According to media reports a classified presidential decree of 04 March 2000 established this force goal for the period through 2010.

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  1. Good movie…but…it’s that tru??? I can’t belive that they are so stupid to let “google earth” program to see them.

  2. It’s not like any one can do anything about it, Google just used pre existing survey imaging used by the several cmpanies that have down looking satelites. These companies actually get contracted sometimes by the NSA, DHS, DOD, CIA, and the FBI to name a few to help do photo reconnasaince. The company just scans the earth. Do you realiza the amount of man hours it would take to call every single, base, instilation, agency, government, and regions and let them know – “A hey guys, we’re going to be doing a fly by with our satellites and we’re just giving you a heads up so you can hide everything.” It’s not like the Typhoon class submarine is even a super secret, Hell they made a movie about one – Hunt For Red October – Now if you could get real time photos over Area 51 – AKA Lockheed Martin’s Testing Facility all day and get footage of their new plane that supposedly can break mach 5. Eyewitness reports of locals in the area say they hear multiple sonic booms it’s normal but when you get over 3 you’re pushing the envelope of flight – read about the building of the SR71, funny stuff when you here about the ideas that NASA and several airline companies threw at them to build commercial jets that could break the sound barrier 5+ times.

  3. personally in an all out war against Russia we should just use American attack submarines to sink any and all Russian typhoon’s and other ballistic missile sub’s also russian akula attack submarines represnt “A clear and present danger” to the national security to the United States.

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