Eyes on China – 137 million Internet users

As we speak, China has over 137 million Internet users (China Internet Network Information Center).
The Latest Statistics (By June 30, 2006) showed 123,000,000 Internet Users and over 54,500,000 Computer Hosts.
An impressive web community of 788,400 WWW Websites and a 214,175 Mbit/s International Bandwidth is also shaping their community.

I guess these numbers can make Sorin and his company to think of new businesses in China also (not only Russia :)). Btw, I hear that the investments in Canada, Spain or New Zealand are not a hit (yet)… Sorin?

I must say that in China they are up to date and there is no outrageous censorship. They don’t talk about politics and that’s a good thing because they can carry on with their business. I don’t speak Chinese but thanks to the language tools I have installed on my laptop, I can easily surf Chinese websites and I read the daily news.

For example, Romania made the front page today in many newspapers:

Chinese workers strike in Romania protect their rights investigation
Xinhuanet Capitol Hill : September 7, 2006 publication of the “workers in Romania” have been prisoners, “to investigate the incident,” a text Romania reported Bacau city “WEAR garment factory” Chinese workers hailed by manufacturers imprisoned; Recently, This Chinese garment factory workers to strike in order to safeguard its own interests. China has again aroused the concern of various parties to import workers from Romania, the first city Bacau Italy (Italy) – WEAR garment factory in the recent labor dispute Chinese factory workers on fixed unilaterally raise expressed dissatisfaction and lowering overtime. The two sides failed to reach agreement in the case declared a strike. At present, both employers and employees are still in a stalemate, the management claims that Chinese workers continue to strike, and will repatriate them all. Chinese Ambassador to Romania attaches great importance to the embassy, through a variety of channels to urge the owners to resolve the dispute as soon as possible.

You can read the whole article here…

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  1. Now china is top on the business because uptill he failed to understand Karl Marks. Marks principal was to increase national capital so that benifit can go to each. Several years communist could not understood marks. Now they started to inmcreases national capital by export their indigenious prodect

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