Exclusive: What is wrong with this picture? Neogen vs. Arbo


It seems that NCH is not the only one helping Neogen or paying the competition. Maybe because it’s around Christmas, and they feel the need to share 🙂

Let me explain: this will come as a shock before Christmas at ARBO – they are also direct competitors with NEOGEN (ARBOtext vs Neogen Text Ads) but in the same time they are no.1 in promoting their business (Congrats, you guys!)

Why is this happening?
Because the ARBO site owners receive money from Neogen as they send people over to BestJobs or Noi2 (the affiliate program) – for every person registered they earn around 30 cents (I recall) but also 20-50% if a company orders some services on Neogen.

ARBO should be terrified by this fact because in some way or another, they are loosing big bucks because their site owners are using the ARBO ad server in promoting rival networks. Imagine how would be like if all the in-house banners will point to Neogen or Netbrige as recommended services…

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