Exclusive – weekly unique visitors in Romania

THIS IS HOT and will hit the press in a few hours.

Do you wonder how many unique visitors are really in Romania?

Netbridge will say that the magic number is 3,5 million – this is how many unique users from Romania have accessed the Romanian websites between 26th of February and the 4th of march (to be more precise 3.539.507 visitors).

The big number shows 10.739.546 but the rest of 7.200.039 come from other countries.

MUST KNOW: this numbers show the absolute unique users ( this is the new count Trafic.ro implemented beginning with the 1st of march 2007).

The top 3 sections look this:

1. Computers/Internet -1.602.727 (this section is also a leader gathering foreign traffic – 4.116.881 visitor from outside Romania).
2. Search engines/Portal -1.406.586
3. News/Mass-media – 1.035.171

The blogs seem to become more and more popular (maybe because of roblogfest also) – there are 194.046 readers from Romania and 59.662 foreign readers (more than the Real Estate section).

Another precious information is that there were 362.780 people accessing jobbing websites and only 429.944 dating websites.

Very good figures come from the e-shopping websites (virtual stores) – 792.187 from Romania, 909.976 International.

LATER EDIT: Sorin Tudor blogs about this here – I’ve seen that some of the users didn’t got the fact that this count is per week so there are some of them that expressed a negative reaction towards the press release.