Exclusive: Jeremy Wright wants to invest in Romanian blogs

This evening I had a discussion with Jeremy Wright on Zilele Biz. We talked about his security clearance as an army man (from a NATO country) and about using blogs for recruiting young leaders for the Romanian army. We also chattered about how he manged to raised the 2 million dollars investment fund for B5media.

Overall, Jeremy became a fan of Romania and he even has business plans here. He told me that he wants to invest in Romanian blogging and that he wants to have here 5 blogs (he put the offer on the market) – he already met some of the potential partners but he told me he is waiting for more proposals.

One Reply to “Exclusive: Jeremy Wright wants to invest in Romanian blogs”

  1. am discutat si eu cu el… dar ma indoiesc ca ia cu adevarat in serios varianta de a investi in romania. poate ca o sa bage niste linkuri pt unii care s-au dat bine pe langa el la petrecerea biz de la embryo, dar pana la a face ceva la noi…mai este cale lunga…:)

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