Exclusive: Doru Panaitescu preparing the new business

Since Doru left InitiativeMedia (1st of July 2007), he focused on his new business as an independent consultant. Now, the new website is almost ready and here is where you can check it out (It’s a blog written in English).

The first statement:

Marketeer is a young team of marketing professionals specializing in strategic marketing and online marketing.

We work with corporations and organizations from throughout the world as well as from Romania to design, develop, maintain, and market their businesses. We work to develop successful marketing strategies for businesses from large corporations to small home-based businesses. Each with their own unique marketing strategy designed to draw their potential customers as well as to “make the sale”.

I think that having the time for Marketeer.net SRL it’s like a dream came through for Doru because the company and domain date back from 2004 (seem to be old plans).

PS1: I know Doru will go nuts because of this post (since the website is still under heavy construction) but hey, someone has to do it! 🙂

PS2: Doru, If your company is called Marketeer.net, why don’t you book the www.marketeer.net domain?

PS3: Good luck with the new blog! 🙂

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  1. marketeer.net was taken long time ago:

    Domain Name………. marketeer.net
    Creation Date…….. 1997-06-02

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