EXCLUSIVE: Contextual advertising at ARBOmedia – Official launch

I was invited today at Crowne Plaza for the official launch of ARBOcontext. A very interesting feed-back was provided by Calin Rotarus, Magda Zander and Doru Panaitescu – the contextual service is addressed to the small spenders and in countries like Poland or Czech Republic takes 6-7 % of the advertising market.

Must know:
– the service is available only for the websites in ARBOmedia;
– more than 50% of the websites (high quality) already have the codes up and running;
– you can modify and adjust your settings during the campaign;
– the service is integrated in the classical advertising display
– there are 2 types of contextual displays: text ads on your regular leaderboard space and undelined key words in a page;
– normal ad server priority: visual banners, contextual banners, inhouse banners;
– advanced targeting (geographic, day/hour, etc.);
– the service will reward the publishers with rich text content and will encourage them to develop more quality content;
– as a client/publisher, at any time, you can check your balance and your account;
– you can start using the service today at www.contextuala.ro

Doru Panaitescu made the first page on today’s Business Adviser.
For further discussions, check out Vivi’s topic on the ARBOtext subject…

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