Exclusive: Boom & Active Soft Investments

– they have a new headquarters on the 1st floor in the NCH building;
– 14th of January – the Softure ad-server served 25,545,699 banners (a new record) to 2,435,487 unique visitors;
– Ionel Naftanaila (Softure Development Manager) said that they upgraded their software and have new hardware;
21:00 – is the PRIME TIME on the Romanian Internet according to Naftanaila;
– new websites in their portfolio (soon official on their website);
– they now have the biggest sales department in Romania.

Active Soft:
– now have their own floor in the NCH building (3rd floor);
– a bigger team and a bigger budget for 2008;
– they manage the biggest network in Romania (unique visitors cumulated) and now is the biggest online publisher controlled by NCH.
– although it’s a discreet publisher, they started to appear in several negative posts on different blogs;
– they don’t have a (evil twin) brother in Australia 🙂
– my guess is that we’ll see many interesting things from them in 2008.

It seems that the investments made last year (people, hardware, portfolio, websites, etc.) started to show the first results this month.