eRepublik reached 1.000.000 users in december 2009

🙂 Fun Intro – Nikolas Sarkozy viral video on eRepublik - Spain Vs France:

Alexis Bonte, one of the most enthusiastic European Internet entrepreneurs, published a blog post today celebrating the 1 millionth eRepublik citizen.

I remember that when I first met Alexis he was really excited about and about the project (If I remember well, it was before the investment in Trilulilu). was launched in november 2007 by  Romanian entrepreneur George Lemnaru – the start-up had a 200.000 eur investment made by Alexis Bonte and I remember that after a short time the success was so big that the servers needed a fast upgrade.

Today, after counting 1.000.000 users, I have to congratulate George and Alexis and their investors (for being inspired) and hope to see the number at least double by the end of 2010 🙂

On the 28th of December 2009, the 1 millionth eRepublik citizen was created a little over one year after the launch of the public version of eRepublik. This was a great moment for us and also for me personally as many in the industry (that I won’t name) told us that eRepublik would never interest more than a few thousand people. I was even told that 250.000 players was the absolute maximum we could hope to reach for this type of game. Well not only we have more than 1 million registered users (all banned accounts have been excluded from this total), 320.000 play regularly and over 50% of those every day. So thanks to the doubters for encouraging us to prove you wrong :). This is especially encouraging as eRepublik is still a work in progress we have only about 30% of the core game finished and this doesn’t include many other things we have planned for and around it.

This has all been achieved thanks to the hard work from the team (now 45 people in Ireland, Spain, England and Romania) and the feedback and enthusiasm of our incredibly passionate and smart community of players and I thank them all again. We know that the eRepublik experience is still far from perfect today and although we do everything in our power to make it better that is the cost of innovation, of learning and of taking on such an ambitious concept. What I can promise is that we will continue to constantly improve it.

To close off 2009 and start 2010 on another positive note we have also learned that eRepublik was selected by AlwaysOn as an OnMedia top 100 Winner, a selection of the hottest emerging private companies in the digital field., a spanish based company as we speak, raised EUR 2,75 mil. from several angels and their biggest stakeholder is french investment fund AGF Private Equity.