Echelon searches no longer relevant on Google

If you don’t know it yet, Echelon is a global surveillance system. Till now, the system generated a few scandals regarding the US Intelligence vs. EU companies. Of course, the Europeans reacted and in a resolution of 5 September 2005 on the existence of a global system for the interception of private and commercial communications (Echelon system), the European Parliament recommended in particular devising measures at Community level to develop and manufacture European encryption equipment and software. At its meeting on 6 and 7 December, the Council reached agreement in principle with a view to a common position on the proposal for a directive on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in electronic communications.

I remember a few months ago we organized in Romania a workshop about Echelon and human rights. At that time, I had my team gather facts and articles from media archives. I recall that when I entered “echelon” on Google, I received all the juicy stuff on the first page. Now after the new security issues imposed by the White House in “the battle against terror” this is the second keyword “blurred” by Google – the first was regarding the Guantanamo bay pics. Because of this, probably Google is the favorite search engine of the Bush administration.

Don’t be so happy that the Google censorship affects only China – you are also a victim here in Romania.

Yet, Google RULZ and maybe this is the price to pay for our security and way of life. In a recent interview George Bush told Matt Lauer (you can see it below) he is not willing to talk about the methods the US government uses in order to protect its people – Google censorship is a method as we all are sure that the terrorists already now how to use the Internet and a search engine.

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  1. Strange thing…

    Yeap, you are right and now I also get the right results. But when I switch to my mobile connection with hidden ip incorporated I receive results from another Google data center and I assure you it’s nothing on echelon.

    The guantanamo case was making a fuzz in the US a few months ago when a simple search did show the right results on Yahoo and nothing on Google. This was reported by Google Watch and I personally cheked it out at that time.

    Imagine that the pictures were online for some time before the scandal made it on the front page…

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