“e” stands for european, education and enthusiasm


I was in a contest at Galaciuc when Vivi and other jackals (teachers) gave me a hard time evaluating my website (this was in 1999). The website was an educational page buit offline as I had limited acces to the internet (dial-up, 28.8). At some moment Vivi asked me about the purpose of my project and the explanation came spontaneous: “I want to create an online school“.

The rest is history and 7 years of my life 🙂


In 2000, after the project was online, I received the first invitation to Bruxelles (TAIEX programme) and since then we prepared for the 1st of January 2007. The picture above was taken in my last visit (more recent :)) and it shows a responsable european citizen – beginning with this year eScoala will share its european values with the Romanian youngsters.

To celebrate Romania joining the EU, ScoalaOnline becomes eScoala (same name as the domain) in 2007. “E” stands for “european”, “education” and “enthusiasm”!
[check it out here…]