DIGG users likes and dislikes

First, let’s start with the dislikes:
– Apple iPhone (because everybody writes about it)
– Apple iPod (because everybody loves it)
– Grammatical mistakes (because they make you think)
– Posts written in foreign languages (everybody speaks English)
– Blogs (people should have something to say)
– Blog spam (we all know what this is)
– Internet Explorer (DIGG users love Firefox)
– Microsoft (You should have seen this one coming)
– Microsoft ZUNE (because it’s not iPod)
– Muslims (since the war on terror started, this was a banned subject)
– Religion (not only Muslims, also scientologists and all other battles between good and evil)
– Governmental issues (from Blair, Bush or Basescu, everyone blames the conspiracy around our governments)
– Fake Britney Spears videos (on Youtube or Metacafe)
– Dumb comments (because are dumb)
– Ted Stevens (no comment)
– Gay advertising (too explicit and sometimes bad targeted)
– Success stories (they don’t want to know who made it in the Fortune Top50)
– Arnold Schwartzenegger (because he has muscles)

And now, the Likes:
– The idiot who tried to sell XP License on eBay but showed it in the picture
– The man who creates real-world halo suit for military use (darn cool)
– Saddam hanging video (because it’s just cruel and cold blooded)
– George Bush (they say they hate him but according to Freud they all must have a secret crush on him)
– The real Britney Spears videos
– Paris Hilton (because she owns Hilton)
– Random love poem generator (in case they meet Paris Hilton)
– What would celebrities look like if they had their faces transplanted (because It’s always fun to make fun of the stars)
– 9/11 stories
– Conspiracy
– Sex stories and scandals
– Pictures of sex stories and scandals
– Funny bumper stickers (for tagging the police cars)
– Anti-corporate articles
– Linux (because is not Windows)
– Cheap Viagra, Cialis and Phentermine (we all have it in our inboxes)

Of course, I’m a DIGG user so I guess you can blame me for some of the stuff I wrote. Some of them I can’t get because I’m European and I have nothing to do with George Bush, Ted Stevens and 9/11 🙂
Another list, similar to this one but written by Honda Wang is available here. Enjoy reading!

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