Is Digg negotiating with Microsoft?

I wanted to read the Top 10 in Technology this week and what do I find:
Got a fresh Mac? Start HERE
Mag Editor Throws in the Towel on Vista
Linux Hardware Support Better Than Windows
PC Manufacturers Finally Embracing Linux, Sort Of

I wouldn’t have written this post but the most read article “Got a fresh Mac? Start HERE” it’s obvious a subversive commercial (the title first tricked me into believing this). The most interesting fact is that the other articles on Microsoft are all negative and this made me think that this is part of a negotiations process. This means that the Microsoft is interested in buying Digg and this is how Digg Inc. is pressuring the big giant to react (and maybe pay more).

I don’t know about you, but I smell Microsoft on Digg :). The future will tell.

2 Replies to “Is Digg negotiating with Microsoft?”

  1. I find this really um.. fascinating. Let me see if I’ve got your story straight:

    1. Microsoft gets an Ad deal with the 2nd worst website of all time (second to Myspace).

    2. Lots of Digg readers don’t like Microsoft and vote anti-Microsoft to the top.

    3. Microsoft is OBVIOUSLY negotiating this with Digg and is OBVIOUSLY going to buy Digg so they can PREVENT these kinds of articles effectively censoring people who don’t like their products taking away freedom from people who use Digg and don’t like Microsoft effectively killing the site itself?

    Yep, makes perfect sense. Much better than Microsoft just placing their disgusting ad network all over Digg or something like that when they can just own the whole damn thing giving you reason to celebrate. You sir are a genius…

    In another universe. Although I wouldn’t put it past Microsoft either, and I still don’t like Digg.


  2. One thing is for sure: there is a business connection between Digg and Microsoft.

    Stories like “Linux Hardware Support Better Than Windows” are both unfair to Microsoft’s giant hardware support/call centers and simply not true (judging after the millions of units sold by Microsoft, compatible with any PC).

    Again, this is not about freedom. There will always be a story against Microsoft or an antitrust epic (you know the little guy and his fight against the big, ugly and cold corporation). But if you have the TOP 10 stories, it’s common sense to have a negative (but controlled) post at no.9 but all the others written about something else (celebrity, politics, etc) – moving the attention and mainstream focus to other subjects.

    As we speak, we can find 40%-50% anti-Microsoft content and this is something weird even from the sociological point of view. In the real world (with all the research) It’s impossible to have 50% of the people not happy with Microsoft products 🙂

    Of course your answer is by the book and appreciate the effort (great intro, great ending – especially the genius part – good personal touch, great positioning by not loving Microsoft and Digg). I’m glad you felt the need to answer. After all, today is Sunday 😉

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