Damage control

Today was probably the worse day of the year (till now). I had to explain basic marketing, blogging and viral advertising to people that had nothing to do with this field – smart people, corporate mentality but no idea about what was all about. My day became more intense as a multinational corporate manager told me that they need their Romanian employees to work, not to think. He also stated that they don’t encourage blogging – probably they see this virtual movement as a threat to their internal peace and corporate regulations. One thing he didn’t know was that I can easily reach his regional European boss – a guy who is far more open-minded.

This is the third time this year I try to solve my problems with the regional bureau because the local management has a limited decision power and also a limited vision. I hate to do this but the only way they move the things around is when they get the “LET’S DO THIS” e-mail from the big boss.

So, if you work in a multinational in Romania, try not to blog because your job is at risk (unless you already are with the highest rank). One thing is for sure: blogging is dangerous because you waste company time and can accidentally give away corporate secrets of your everyday life. 😉

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  1. We don’t work with Gameloft.

    We’re doing the PR for an event they’re in with another 40 or 50 companies but we have nothing to do with them.

    The company I wrote about deals with corporate financial aspects and they owe us bigtime as we did some serious efforts in order to fill one special need they had.

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