Cristian Petriceanu – the richest blogger in Romania

Cristian Petriceanu made 2,8 million eur only in the first 5 months of 2008 and now I spotted his first comment on a Romanian blog.

This is an historical moment (Cristian Petriceanu was not the type of dude to hang on blogs – mainly because he had money to roll 🙂 ) and Vali Petcu is no longer the richest blogger in Romania (unless he manages to turn that 1.000 EUR/month into 560.000 eur by the end of may).

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3 Replies to “Cristian Petriceanu – the richest blogger in Romania”

  1. This is ambiguous. You made us understand that he made 2.8 million EURO from blogging and this is wrong. His company made 2.8 million, not him as a blogger. Wrong?

  2. I see, my mistake. However, when you only look at title, your first throught is to search on google for “Cristian Petriceanu blog”. 🙂

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