Concerned with BRAT and their idea of online surveys

The article appeared in Cotidianul and for the first time I believe that BRAT can cause many conflicts if they don’t pay attention to what they say in public.
The BRAT results seem to be analyzed by Valentin Negoita while the article is written by Iulian Enache. At least one of them has no idea about the figures presented there.
They say that 55,3% of the people living in urban areas are using a computer. At some time, they say that 20,6% of the users are children while 15% are adults. The title of the article also placed the adults in minority suggesting that on the Romanian Internet are only non-adults.

A simple math tells me that we have 100%: there are 20,6% children, 15% adults and the rest of 64,4% are either unborn, teenagers, immature persons, too old but still running and some deceased.

They also mentioned that they questioned 9.000 people so I wonder how this was done (probably online, and on some websites).

Why is it an issue?
Because BRAT will audit the Romanian Internet (for the first time) and this article raises serious doubts… or maybe the journalist used to write about agriculture before this. I wonder what Doru Panaitescu (ARBOmedia), Orlando Nicoara (MPI) or Sorin Tudor (NETBRIDGE) have to say about this, if they consider this article relevant and how they will react as BRAT members.

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