CNN: Transylvanian manor house lures lovers of rustic life

This is quite an interesting article published on about an entrepeneur, a small business and his special guests:

There is only one count in this remote Transylvanian village of 512 souls nestled in the wilds of the Carpathian Mountains — and it isn’t Count Dracula.

Meet Count Tibor Kalnoky, a dashing 40-year-old entrepreneur and son of Transylvania descended from a noble family which settled in these misty lands in the 13th century and lived there until communism forced the family to flee.

Kalnoky, a former veterinarian who grew up in France and Germany, moved back to the ancestral home after communism ended in 1989. In the last few years he has created one of Romania’s most successful tourist ventures out of his ancestral hunting manor — and has counted Britain’s Prince Charles among his guests.
The famous no-show at the manor is Omar Hayssam, a Syrian businessman who was charged with setting up the kidnapping of three Romanian journalists in Iraq in 2005 and was recently accused of plotting to kidnap the youngest daughter of President Traian Basescu.

He is believed to have fled Romania this year from a Black Sea port on a ship full of sheep.

Romanian Intelligence Service came looking for the vanished businessmen and questioned the startled staff. Kalnoky said workers had to sign an affidavit saying they had not seen the Syrian on the lam.