Cleopatra Stratan – 3.000.000 views on YouTube

I was writing in June that Cleopatra Stratan has the most viewed Romanian movie on the YouTube: 2,324,951 views, over 1563 comments.
Now, in August, this movie has 3,043,638 views and over 3066 comments… and still counting:

Both the movie and Cleopatra Stratan have great viral potential and I’m guessing YouTube would love launching online the new Cleopatra Stratan clip and also feature it for some time. But first, this idea should come to Pavel Stratan, the loving father and manager 🙂

2 Replies to “Cleopatra Stratan – 3.000.000 views on YouTube”

  1. The Numa Guy used a romanian song and his success is also due to the fact that O-Zone was heavily promoted on the mainstream media. At that time, the YouTube was just starting its glorious journey 🙂

    Cleopatra Stratan, on the other hand, had no such strong mainstream coverage and that’s why this product is so interesting.

    Btw, YouTube can provide fast viral coverage for HI-Q also and maybe you’ll consider launching via Tube in the near future.

    I’m interesed in financing such viral projects but made in Romania and I’m looking to find the next “numa” guy/girl.

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