China in my eyes

My latest passion is to surf the Chinese websites and I find only interesting facts. For example the Chinese Yahoo Mail has 3.5 GB free storage. The news covers everything from sports to women lifestyle articles but there are some details missing when talking about the Chinese governmental issues. But maybe this is for the best and they can focus on the really important stuff (like leading the world economy and stuff).

Another interesting fact is that China encounters a boom in blogging. Xinhua News Agency reported over 17 million Chinese having blogs and over 75 million page views. On the other hand the “eyes wide open” at Reuters reported that only 30% of the blogs are edited on monthly bases.

We all see potential business opportunities to the advertising market in China as probably Yahoo and Google did some years ago 🙂 – I also see the Russian market as an opportunity but that’s another discussion. Maybe we’ll also see some romanian companies aiming these markets in the near future.

NOTE: I’m not speaking Chinese and I use the Google translating services when I surf the net.