Catalin Braescu sells to S.C. Adevarul S.A.

Adevarul is one of the main newspapers in Romania (no.11, 22.847 copies). They were very attached to the printed edition so the transition to the www was not very fast and the domain was registered by Catalin Braescu. For some years the newspaper was hosted at

In december 2006 the new team at Adevarul managed to negociate and obtain the shorter and more relevant domain from Catalin Braescu. The price? I won’t say it but it was quite a business for a .ro domain (I think It’s the highest price till now so you can imagine). Catalin Braescu also negociated for a link on the front page of Adevarul and you can now see the red ad in the right corner pointing to the former blog.
Of course, this transaction was Illegal as the Romanian National Authority for Internet Domains doesn’t allow these types of sales but I’m sure that the layers at Adevarul have everything under control. 🙂

Iulian Comanescu also writes about this here and you can see the old here.

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  1. Bogdan, your post is full of inaccurate statements.

    Selling a .RO domain is *not* illegal in Romania (and never was). There is no Romanian law forbidding such thing. The national registrar, RNC, has issued a rule stating that. A rule from RNC, even though it’s mandatory, doesn’t equate a law.

    I never sold a .RO domain in my life. To Adevarul Holding SRL what I sold was a website. That’s both legal and permitted under RNC rules.

    If the price for selling my website was so big then I pitty Romanian online transactions since the sale value was as close to zero as it’s mathematically possible.

    The link for the so-called “old Adevarul” is inaccurate in the sense that misleads the viewer by presenting only one snapshot of an evolving content. The “old Adevarul” also had religious content during its life, also had political commentaries, also had advertising-related content. Whatever I sold to Adevarul Holding SRL is *not* what you point now to.

    So basically I have to thank you for the post but to correct almost every detail 😉



    P.S. More details at

  2. Well, Adevarul Holding SRL was not interested in buying your old website. My clue? After they bought it, they only used the domain.

    When I said “illegal” I meant it as in breaking RNC rules (not going to jail over this :)). It was obvious in this case that the old website was a paravan in aquiring the domain.

    Feel free to correct me and even to post more details about this.

    PS: there were no matches about “adevarul” on your blog

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