Calin Fusu and his first 1.000.000 $

Calin Fusu (Neogen manager) was today at JOBfest and presented the BestJobs service in a special event. I met him a few moments before the workshop and had a chat.

The first thing I asked him was about blogging and he told me why he doesn’t blog. He also told me that he has some employees that blog and sometimes it seems that they are Neogen officials – he was worried about this as he already told his employees not to comment official business on blogs – but there are over 70 members in his team so it’s not so easy.

On the other hand he told me that this year they made the first million (only with BestJobs) and the year is not over yet – so Calin is very optimistic about BestJobs and all their projects. He also estimates a 3 million $ online-recruiting market in 2007.

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  1. In Romania people judge people by one simple aspect: money. The fact that Best Jobs made a million dollars is actually irellevant. What today may seem as evolution tomorow will be involution. Best Jobs is focused right now at making money. It ignores it’s startup success: inovation.

    Neogen doesn’t inovate anymore. More and more customers are disatisfied by it’s servicess. EJobs is way ahead of Best Jobs and actually…Neogen isn’t a lider in anything anymore. It’spower is weakining. Neogen is actually stoping.

  2. …of course I also asked Calin about their plans and how they really see BestJobs and I think that he is more than realistic with their approach. They focus on developing a better service all the time and they seek new business opportunities.

    The most important thing is that Calin Fusu knows that both BestJobs and EJobs are just tools and online databases. They don’t provide recruiting services so mainly it’s just “searching for the right person”.

  3. No offence Mihai, but how is ejobs way ahead? Becauze of the trafic? Or becauze of the way things are spread in the site in such a way that u can’t find anything? Or becauze of all the smart SEO spam that makes almost every search made by google to show at least one link to them without any relevancy? This is to mention only a few things. Of course Neogen is not perfect, but i think (and this is my personal opinion and not my employers) that BestJobs is a great and a user friendlly service. The best in .ro and a true leader in this area.

  4. I can not comment on which one is better: or But Simple, I do not agree with the term SEO spam. Neogen and any other company can use SEO to get ranked for many interesting terms, and I do not feel this is called SEO spam. It is simply SEO.

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