Caffeine: Google 3.0 search engine relaunch

Big buzz in London these days as Google plans to relaunch a new version of its search engine. Since Google is the only player in the local (Romanian) search market, and only a few websites depend on direct traffic, any change is interesting to follow.

This upgrade is also probably a response to Bing in a very competitive market. Google aims real-time relevant search and they’re also focusing on a multi-platform user experience.

Interesting to note:

According to, is now the most popular website in Romania – few people know that in 2001 was registered by someone else and the first Romanian localised version was available in 2003.

But, by far, the most interesting fact is that the servers hosting are installed in a military governmental facility, in a high-technology campus at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View (a partnership created between the public and private sector, Google pays NASA an initial base rent of $3.66 million per year but for this money the have their own airstrip just a few meters away 🙂 ).