BRAT meeting last night

I opened my computer this morning and I saw nothing about the BRAT meeting last night. I figured out that everybody is in silentio stampa after the long talks they had last week.

Gemius, Weborama and Spring were competing and due to the pressures in the market things changed in the last minute (everybody was watching BRAT’s every step and maybe some of this pressuse was caused by my blog posts).

The winner was Spring GMBH – Calin Rotarus (ARBOmedia) told me he was very happy for them (maybe because they are german) 🙂

Spring has a very interesting technical solution called pixelBOX or springBOX:

spring’s primary product it the springBox 2.0 framework. The springBox 2.0 solution is a modular, distributed, high performance, high-availability website-measurement and analysis-framework. Reports are generated and displayed near real time. It can be scaled to handle up to more than 25.000 requests a second on a single node and provides advanced fail-safe features. It is made up from the following components: the “springBox” which provides the different sensors for the actual measurement and pre-aggregation of the data and the “collector/unique client resolver” which collects and analyses the data gathered from the springBoxes, aggregates the data over time and into a unique client context, and provides management-components, interfaces to external databases and administrative interfaces for the management of all components. The questionnaire dispatcher that allows the coordination of questionnaire delivery and sampling. Due to its unique modular structure the springBox framework can be easily tailored to the specific needs of any organisation. It can be integrated easily into already existing infrastructures offering interfaces to OLAP-systems, different reporting engines, profiling systems and ad-servers.

With more than 20,000 measured page impressions per second, springBox 2.0 is feasible even for the largest websites and maintains measurement services even under highest load. Due to its elaborate technology, springBox 2.0 measures the core measures of your website and is currently the standard for internet measurement in 4 European countries.

With its modular architecture springBox 2.0 adapts to your demands regarding load and functionality and it can be seamlessly integrated into your already existing datawarehouses and reporting systems.


The bad news seem to came for the bigger websites – Neogen or Softpedia will have to pay around 16.000 EUR every year (quite high if you ask them).

The good news comes for the smaller independent websites (mainly from ARBOmedia) as ARBO plans to help them do the study – Calin Rotarus told me that he find my proposal very interesting.

Many friends told me these days that they really love me there at BRAT and I’m sorry I missed the talks they had last night (the meeting was over quite late).

Now, my eyes are on Spring GMBH because it seems that they could really use some money (their website news section was last updated in 2005).

LATER EDIT: also to blog about this – Marius Pahomi, Orlando Nicoara, Eveline Fabritius, Dragos Roua and Octavian Costache.