BRAT – making the first website list

By the end of this month a company will be chosen in order to mine the Romanian Internet. The companies competing are Gemius (Poland), Spring GmbH (Deutschland) and Weborama (France) – rumours point to Gemius being the “lucky” winner (Paragraph deleted – request via e-mail from Arina Ureche – General Manager BRAT).

These days, every BRAT member is creating his list of websites. We are represented by ARBOmedia so I already submitted my list. The BRAT study will be paid and although they say the amount is yet unknown (as the company conducting the study is not elected) the sums will be at least 500 EUR/year for a 500.000 pageviews website and no more than 10.000 EUR for a 50.000.000 pageviews website.

Of course, they plan to have some steps:
• 0,5 – 1 million views/month
• 1 – 5 million views/month
• 5 – 10 million views/month
• 10 – 50 million views/month

NOTE – I have the information above from an e-mail received from ARBOmedia.

Because of the contract that ARBOmedia has with the site owners, they say they’ll split the costs which is a good thing. This means that actually ARBOmedia will have to increase their selling power as they’re about to pay over 100.000 EUR for the 169 websites (if all the publishers will agree which I doubt).

On the other hand we have the same smiley faces at Netbridge because they sell 106 websites (Boom) and they still have to recover from the crash they had last year. They could raise serious problems for the BRAT projects as they already have the tools for the study and probably they already have the needed marketing informations on the Romanian users.

Overall, I’m sure that everybody will pay because of one important reason: BRAT is an independent organization.