Exclusive: Secrets from Boom labs

Competitive Intelligence at work
a) ARBOmedia announced at the Annual Site-ownersÒ€ℒ Meeting a new application for the Interactive Agencies. That was interesting but the announcement came in a crucial moment (the old staff was gone, so either they started this new project, either the new website was just a statement and a plan for the next 12 months). The answer is out there but it’s not important at this moment.

b) BRAT lacks the experience in the online environment and this is something to exploit (the first SATI traffic data will be released in October with one month delay) and probably the first figures about the audience will be released in February 2008 (very late):

Online Status
As we all know, after Orlando left the building, many websites migrated from Boom. The old website was out of order and right now there is only a guard page at boom.ro (and of course, the blog).
On the other hand in 2007 there is a thing we can notice at Netbridge: they seem to have second thoughts about BRAT and they are prepared to stand still. The decision making is “result oriented” and we can imagine why.

The cherry on the cake
eKontent is developing for Boom the new website and my guess is that they are almost ready to launch before ARBOmedia. Here are the new features (hope some will see it before the URL gets blocked):
http://boomaplicatie.ekontent.ro/Home.aspx – The homepage: news, rate card download, last hour updates, banner examples
http://boomaplicatie.ekontent.ro/Portfolio.aspx – Portfolio: this is the most powerful tool as they combine the rate card with the demographics and the advanced monitoring provided by trafic.ro. This means that they are prepared to face the first BRAT effect – here is a detail of what I’m blogging about.

The new website looks really good and more than sure will bring that extra spice in the online business. Because they managed to integrate all the marketing data, I’m more than sure that Boom will have the most impressive sales tool in the market.
New standards are about to be born πŸ˜‰

7 Replies to “Exclusive: Secrets from Boom labs”

  1. Huh… blogul asta pare din ce in ce mai mult un site de PR al Boom :)…

    Anyway – Linkurile de mai sus nu prea merg.

    In rest .. toate bune

  2. 1. Linkurile de mai sus nu merg pentru ca le-au parolat cei de la Boom.

    2. Daca ar fi fost PR Boom, crezi ca le-ar mai fi parolat?

    3. PR la Netbridge este Sorin Tudor Daniel Secareanu iar la Boom este Claudiu.

    4. Tavi, la tine la ARBO trebuie sa fii mai pe faza daca vrei sa prinzi director neparolat πŸ™‚

    5. Ii poti transmite lui Calin ca serviciile mele de PR nu cunosc regie, mama sau tata (in caz ca se mai fac angajari) πŸ™‚

    6. Bine ai venit in blogosfera! Sper sa ne auzim mai des.

    7. Sponsored link: http://www.arbomedia.ro πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. @Tavi: coane, daca vroiam sa ne laudam cu noul site crezi ca nu faceam ceva declaratii Ispas-style?.. :))

    @Bogdan: Magda zice ca postul asta a fost mai ceva ca ala cu prezentarea ARBO pusa la download!.. :))) Nu sunt de acord, ala a fost de mai mare angajament :))))

  4. πŸ™‚ Articolul a fost celebru in cladirea electroaparatajului (am vazut in analytics cam 30 de cititori) insa le-a scapat complet colegilor de breasla de la ARBO, Neogen sau MPI (Tavi s-a ofticat ca n-a reusit sa intre).

    Cu ocazia asta, in loc de proteste si injurii (meritate de altfel) din partea Boom, am avut placerea sa-l intalnesc personal pe distinsul domn Cristian Petriceanu si chiar sa descopar o pasiune comuna pentru lectura si pragmatismul scolii americane de leadership.

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