Boom lost 7 people from the sales department, preparing for recession

Losing 7 people (all experienced and precious) made things not to seem very safe at Boom at the end of this year. Their first move is to restructure their portfolio because right now they don’t have anymore the sales force to sell all their websites. They said that every website will receive a new contract for 2009 and that they are not going to offer guarantees anymore. The figures for Q4 don’t look very good and the fact that Boom is owned by an American investment fund is going to count a lot in the chase for real cash.

This means that all their sales team is under construction and this will be their greatest challenge for 2009 (to survive and keep as many websites as possible in their portfolio). This is probably the worst crises for them (even more severe than the one they had a few years ago when Orlando Nicoara left the company).

Who are the 7 people and what are their doing right now:

  1. Sorin Jianu – sales director Realitatea-Catavencu;
  2. Delia Sulita – now dealing with online sales at Sanoma Hearst;
  3. Gabriel Boaca – Sales Director at INTACT Interactive;
  4. Magdalena Zander – Executive Manager at INTACT Interactive;
  5. Corina Ciocan – started her own business as online entrepreneur;
  6. Claudiu Gamulescu – went in the mountains to manage personal projects;
  7. Andrei Ursuleanu – sales manager at Realitatea-Catavencu;

The crises is coming in Romania and will hit Boom with full throttle, but I trust that Valentin Oeru and Cristian Petriceanu have a plan for this. I don’t think Cristian Petriceanu will leave Boom in the near future (rumors that he’s not getting along with Andrei Siminel and that he’s under a heavy pressure right now can be true but he’s far more experienced to let go right now).

As a personal comment, few of my collegues at INTACT Media Group suggested that Cristian Petriceanu is a great guy a that we should make him an offer. Indeed he is and I respected him from the first day we met. Boom is a personal challenge for him and during these hard times he is the type of man that has to stay by his people although the boat is sinking (he is the captain of Titanic, a true leader and the last man on the ship).

In the end, inside information from Boom: more than 30% of the remaining team is looking for a new job and the juniors in charge started to feel frustrated – tensions are building up as Valentin Oeru is more agitated and everyone knows this (agencies, clients, publishers and employees).

In the end, I can only send them a good thought – Boom was a strong partner for me and I’m more than sure that our relationship will keep on going.

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  1. Te-ai gandit ca Boom-ul nu e decat o trambulina care sa deschida piata de online din Romania?

    Iti spune ceva titlu de corporatie care se ocupa cu dezvoltarea ? care-i cea mai buna carte de vizita daca nu antreprenori si dezvoltatori de noi piete concurente ?

    Eu zic ca nu e cazu sa fie plans boom-ul si sa-si caute fiecare de treaba lui.

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