Boom: Anna Karenina died at the end

Something stroke me when I was reading Boom’s blog – Mihaela Grafu’s favorite book is “Anna Karenina” and her favorite quote is mentioning something about failure (eg: “failure makes you stronger”).

This made me think if Anna Karenina’s suicide was a failure or a success? What should I understand from this post? Do you plan to commit suicide or just to fail?

Free tips for Boom’s PR department:

  • – use more words like “failure” and subliminal words connected to death/suicide in a motivational post written during this economic crisis;
  • – use more phrases like “going/want to learn” when you want to say that you already have the experience;
  • react to blog posts like this one; you’ll not seem desperate and you’ll not confirm the problems you’re facing;
  • – don’t check out your organigram and make sure you’re placing the right people in the wrong department;
  • – if an employee has so many hobbies and so many things to do besides work it means that either is working part-time either he deserves a bonus for mega-efficiency;
  • – make sure that the next profile you’re going to write you’ll mention “Titanic” as “favorite movie” or “George Bush” as a personal model;
  • – don’t read my blog, it will just make you angry.

PS: for my other readers at Boom, please don’t take my previous post (or this one) very personal. I still like you guys and remember that we’re still togeher but if [some of] you plan to commit suicide, we won’t be in the same boat with you. Let’s say I’m more of a Chuck Norris fan (see the movies below) 🙂