Boom: 2,7 mil eur in the first 5 months

UPDATE: 2,7 is now 2,8 mil 🙂 – says Magda

The online advertising market in Romania is estimated at 15 mil eur for 2008. Boom is the first agency to publish its figures for the first 5 months in a special report published by AdPlayers (I see Iulian Toma is up and running 🙂 ).

This report is also very important for transparency and probably will help shape a healthier market. I won’t do further comments (Gusti already said enough) but I strongly support Boom and their strategy.

Since you’re reading my blog to also find “inside stuff”, I can tell you that I was thrilled a few months ago when Valentin Oeru (foto here) told me that their target for 2008 is to triple their 2007 operations (now it seems that they’re on the right track with 2,7 million eur in the first 5 months and I have a strange feeling that other good news are on the way).

Unlimited Sports Media and Imedia seem to be the stars of their portfolio (37%) but this is old news ( is the no.1 sports website in Romania and this is not going to change in the next 4 years).

Top 5 spenders:

  1. Business, Finance & Government
  2. Food and Beverages
  3. Cars and Transport
  4. IT & Telecom
  5. Beauty aides, cosmetics and personal care

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