Bling H2O – new luxury business

Bling H2O
The creator of the water commented that “Bling H2O is to bottled water what Rolls Royce is to automobiles; a premium product with premium packaging that merits a premium price. Bling is a stand-alone beverage as well as the perfect compliment to your favorite cocktail.”

Manufacturer: Bling Beverages, LLC;
New Product Trend: Upscale, exclusive packaging design for bottled water;
Packaging Description: Bling H20 is the first ever bottled water that is decorated with genuine Swarovski crystals. The runway model-like thin, tall, frosted glass bottles give the beverage a luxurious appeal. The product successfully demonstrates etched glass, screen print and crystal application;
Glass Container Supplier: Saint-Gobain Containers and Vitro Packaging;
Prices range: from $24.00 to $40.00 (depending on the bottle) but it can reach over $90 in a respected club;
Website: Bling H2O,

Next big business to come: premium luxury ice for the Eskimos 🙂

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