New business idea for president Basescu

In the United States they have the George Bush School of Government and Public Service and while surfing the website I found this interesting seminar:

Bush School co-hosts Maritime Strategy Senior Executive Seminar

The Bush School recently co-hosted a maritime strategy senior executive seminar titled “Future Security Challenges and the Evolving Global System” with the Naval War College of Newport, R.I. We were selected to be one of the sites around the nation where a small, highly select, CEO-level group of citizens could participate in the Navy’s “conversation with American citizens” to vet its ideas about a 21st century maritime strategy.

Since Romanian President Traian Basescu renewed his navigation permit, the next thing he should do after retiring from the office is to start the Traian Basescu School of Government, Public Service and Navigation and have an exchange programme with the Bush School.

Of course if this works fine for them, I’m thinking of several new institutions:
– The Bin Laden School of Public Service and Suicide Bombers
– The Vladimir Putin School of Judo, Public Service and Oil Pipes
– The Nicolas Sarkozy School of Fitness and Diet Beverages
– The Bill Clinton School of Public Relations
– The Adrian Nastase School of PVC joinery
– The Hugo Chávez School of Government, Public Service and Anti-Imperialism

And the list can go on 🙂