Augustin Roman, The New General Manager at Intact Interactive

Augustin Roman replaced Sorin Danilescu as the General Manager of Intact Interactive, the sales agency part of Intact Media Group.

Sorin Danilescu manged the company and the Internet division of Intact Media Group for 4 months and from now on he will be focused on developing new websites for the group.

Intact Interactive will change its strategy for 2010 and will be focused only on (the most important website of Intact Media Group) and on its satellites and on some websites part of Intact.

The current website portfolio will split between other networks. Inform Media will internalize the sales for 2010 as they gathered a new team managed by Cristian Flor Petriceanu (Romanian IAB President, ex-Boom/Netbridge). This means that in 2010 Romania will have a more fragmented market as the fight for the budgets will be more intense as Ringier Romania also announced their decision to sell their own websites and focus more on the Internet.

As the market is reconfigured it seems that ARBOintercative is the only company that consolidated during the crises as they are right now the most stable interactive sales agency on the local market. The company was launched 8 years ago as part of ARBOmedia and now is part of Goldbach Media.

Well, Romanian Internet market looks different from Paris but I know there are going to lots of interesting things to happen in 2010.

Congratulations to Augustin Roman for being promoted in one of the highest and most influential positions of Romanian Internet and good luck to Sorin Danilescu with the development of the new online projects.


Orlando Nicoara (MediaPro Interactiv) writes about more changesCatalina Zaman and the print sales department of Gazeta Sporturilor (GSP) will take over the online sales at Intact Interactive aiming to integrate special projects (print+online). Catalina Zaman will replace Ioana Stoicescu. The present sales team will also be restructured as some of the actual Sales Directors and Planners will not be included in the new structure.