ARBOtext – a new pay-per-click service

After a short weekend (with long nights) in Predeal, I found the ARBOmedia team building quite ok.
This autumn will bring new features for the ARBO users. First, the new version of the ad server will provide new codes for the publishers and will fix some existing bugs (such as compatibility issues with Firefox or IE7).
Second and probably a major fact for the advertising market will be the launch of the pay-per-click contextual service – this way, the ARBOtext service will be a serious alternative for NEOGEN’s text ads (note that Google services are underdeveloped in Romania).

Why is ARBOtext likely to take Google and Neogen in Romania?
– because ARBOmedia already has a big network with over 200 premium websites;
– because ARBO has an experienced sales department;
– because the service is more than Neogen’s text ads – this is a truly contextual and professional service;
– because is another money source for the publishers;
– because both small clients and agencies are likely to use it

I wonder if Neogen has a solid strategy for the market and how this service will affect their business.